Server Management

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Server Management

Add server management to your server for just $29.00/mo

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Our promise to you:
  • OS Updates and Patches
  • Server Hardening and Security Audits
  • Priority Support
  • Installation of Supported cPanel Add-ons
  • Critical Security Alerts
  • Firewall and Brute Force Detection
  • We've got your back, jack.
Get Started More Features

All of the servers we manage come included with all of theese services listed below, as a standard, and much more.

  • Free migration from any cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, or Ensim dedicated server
  • Free migration of up to 10 accounts from any shared cPanel solution
  • Setup CSF/APF
  • Setup RKhunter, CHkrootkit, and alert setups
  • Setup of monitoring for services and hardware
  • Initial WHM/cPanel Setup and various other applications and software.
  • Server will be consoled within 5 mins of an alert
  • Both the data center and customer can receive alerts if desired
  • RAID monitoring included if applicable
  • Help recover and setup after crash/hack.
  • Rebuild from most recent backups from customer files
  • Install Atop/MyTop/MultiTail/ConfigServer File Manager/Mail Queue Manager
  • Mod_security setup, with basic rules from GotRoot.
  • Installation of most free and available ConfigServer scripts
  • Disable unnecessary services/users
  • Hardening of LAMP Stack
  • 3rd party software installed if supported by cPanel
  • Install Web Applications instantly with Softaculous
  • cPanel
  • CentOS
  • Parallels
  • Nginx
  • CloudLinux
  • Redhat

Have any questions, or are you ready to get started?

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Get started for $29.00/mo